Perfectly combination of technical and consulting knowledge


OpenKM provides services for OpenKM implementation, integration, upgrade, migration and support services to customers.

Our consulting team has achieved significant experience in successfully deploying OpenKM platforms across mid to large scale enterprises in various business segments including banking and finance, Oil & gas, energy, engineering, healthcare and public sector organizations.

Our OpenKM consultants have been providing implementation and support services to our customers in various industry segments including but not limited to Public sector organizations, Oil & gas, Banking & finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Shipping, Utilities and Telecommunications.

OpenKM has established strong partnerships with leading organizations in electronic document and record management best practices. When needed an OpenKM expert or engineer will lead your project from scope right through to production deployment.

Following a purchase, analysis and documentation of processes and procedures is essential. As an organization you need to know where your documentation is originating and where it ends up. More importantly, you want to know the road it takes to get there.

We use ISO-15489-2 methodology:

  • Preliminary investigation.
  • Analysis of business activity.
  • Identification of requirements for records.
  • Assessment of existing systems.
  • Identification of strategies for satisfying records requirements.
  • Design of a records system.
  • Implementation of a record system.
  • Post-implementation review.
  • Monitoring and auditing.
  • Training.

Consulting services include:

  • Exploratory Examination of existing processes & procedures.
  • Business process management evaluation & redesign.
  • Technology upgrades and improvement.
  • Documentation and governance models.
  • Installation & testing.
  • Indexing, search and metadata management.
  • Training Project management.
  • System audits.

You can realize:

  • Expected results.
  • Ensure the optimum return on investments.
  • Increased value.
  • Optimal quality.

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