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Electronic Invoicing

OpenKM incorporates an e-invoicing module which extracts invoices "XML" format for then store them in the system, also allows other functions like validate the invoice via digital signature, download in PDF format or send notifications.

And what is the e-invoicing?

The e-invoicing is the digital version of the traditional paper invoices, and must be legally equivalent to the latter. By its very nature, electronic invoices can be stored, managing and exchanged by electronic or digital means.

For that e-invoicing to be valid, must be completed with e-signature, allowing eliminate paper invoice.

In countries where the law supports it, the validity of an e-invoicing is exactly the same as the traditional paper invoice, and thanks to the digital signature that includes integrity and a high level of traceability, is judicially considered a binding document and does not need further proof or confirmation of their own existence.

An electronic invoice will be done in 2 phases:

  • Invoice is created and stored in a data file.
  • Then it proceed to signing a digital certificate of the sender, encrypts the contents of the invoice and adds digital stamp to it.
Electronic Invoicing

Depending on the company size and the volume of its sales, the savings in respect of issue and invoice management (issue, sending, receiving, storage, search, signature, return, payment) can fluctuate between 40% and 80%.

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